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Stop being in a relationship while in a relationship. #MindReset

Get that old relationship out of your head and get ready for NEW opportunities! #MindReset

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Stop being in a relationship while in a relationship. #MindReset

How do you make yourself mentally and emotionally unavailable to someone from your past?   I believe there are three steps to help you transform into your powerful-self and to bring an end to the frustration of holding on to past relationships.

We will take you through three mind altering processes of thought to help you identify your struggle and overcome it. Make sure you have pen, paper and a mirror. These three areas will be broken down and as a result you will no longer hold back from future relationship success.
  1. Association-  Who do you belong to?
  2. Appreciation-  Who are you?
  3. Affiliation- How are you connected?
In order to release your mind, spirit and emotions you need to cleanse your mind. This 2 hour class will set your mind free and prepare you for new opportunities.  You deserve love and this is your year to be open to receive. Or will you be taking selfie butt pics, posting random (but really everyday) thoughts of feeling lost and unwanted?  It is up to you. 

This is your moment to move on.  
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